Direct to Rust Metal Paint Smooth Finish – Colour Mixing

This is a smooth gloss finish which will retain its sheen for years. As always it is a durable, corrosion resistant decorative coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Hammerite Colour Mixing is available in Smooth finish from our mixing desks at leading DIY stores.

  • Available in a further 25 colours
  • Can be applied directly onto rusty metal by roller or brush.
  • Primer or undercoat are not necessary.
Available colours
  • Mercury Grey
  • Shaded Glen
  • Garden Bark
  • Desert Sand
  • Spring Shoots
  • Blue Slate
  • Misty Lake
  • Pebble Trail
  • Spring Greenery
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Blue Night
  • Sea Bliss
  • Urban Night
  • Sky Reflection
  • Frosted Glass
  • Gated Forest
  • Emerald Stone
  • Sheer Aqua
  • Zingy Lime
  • Liberty Green
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Rhubarb Compote
  • Pink Carousel
  • Dazzling Yellow
  • Moon Glow
Colours can look slightly different in real life, due to your monitor
  • Drying time2 hours
  • Usage Exterior


  • Direct to Rust
Direct to Rust Metal Paint Smooth Finish – Colour Mixing can be used for:
  • Metal Door
  • Metal Garden furniture
  • Metal gate
  • Metal Railings


Finish Smooth
Coverage 5 sq m per litre
Durability 8 Year Protection
Repaintable after 4 hours

Hammerite Metal Paint can be used for all kinds of metal, like railings, garden furniture and pots or even a balcony. It is not only an excellent way to protect your metal objects, you can also lift the look of them.

  1. Remove all loose rust and flaking paint from the metal using a wire brush.
  2. If the metal was already painted, wash down thoroughly with diluted detergent, rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  3. To ensure compatibility, apply a small test patch of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint Smooth Finish to the painted surface. Any reaction will occur within an hour. If a reaction is evident, remove all paint then wash down with degreaser. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  4. If the objects are made from bare zinc, aluminium or galvanized metal use Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint.
  5. For smooth metal surfaces, lightly abrade for maximum adhesion.
  6. Cover the surface beneath the metal object with thick newspaper or a dust sheet to catch any spills or drips.
  7. Stir the paint thoroughly before use, and apply with a good quality brush. A narrow brush is best for use on railings. A broad is best for use on bigger metal object, like a garden table.
  8. Apply two thin coats of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint in Smooth finish for the best results, leaving to dry in between as per instructions on back of pack.

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Can I mix different colours of Hammerite Paint?

Mixing Hammerite Paints is not recommended.

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